Storage boxes - Pallets BARBARIE 

Wooden storage boxes, bins and pallets of 100% french production.
Quality of manufacturing, strength, know how and full respect of our commitments define our company policy.

Our speciality : Wooden storage boxes for potatoes, carrots, onions, other vegetables and fruits in all sizes and types.  

Our storage boxes are exportet worldwide :  Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, etc…. 40% of our production is made for the export. Our customers are farmers as well as industry. They are fully relying on us since decades.

Our storage boxes are PEFC - certified. For the manufacturing of our boxes we use wood from PEFC certified forests with sustainable management. BARBARIE SAS is PEFC certified under the nr. QUAL/09-422.

Our storage boxes and pallets are ISPM15 - certified. Our storage boxes and pallets made for the export meet the international phytosanitary customs and government regulationsin to prevent the spread of plant pests & diseases. They are treated  ( heat treatment ) and certified ISPM15.

barbarie sas
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JP Marquet sas
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The reference in Europe

Our permanent objective is Your satisfaction !

Quality, robustness, manufacturing potential and respect of our commitments make Barbarie to the leader in export.

barbarie palox palettes
barbarie palox palettes
barbarie palox palettes
barbarie palox palettes
barbarie palox palettes
barbarie palox palettes
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